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Cody United Methodist Church Chacel Area

The Life of Christ Window


The theme of the faceted glass window in Cody Methodist Church is centered on the Cross - symbolic of our Redemption. It is emphasized by the use of golden and yellow faceted glass set against a background of various shades of blue. The cross-arms are turned upward, symbolic of man’s arms raised in prayer. At the very top of the cross is the crown of salvation, which we can achieve through our Redemption - - Christ’s death on the Cross. The sacrificial color of red appears on various areas on the Cross.

Various events in the Life of our Lord are depicted throughout the window as follows:

Left of the Cross – the Nativity: Shown are the figures of Mary and the Infant Child. The Shepherd’s crook represents St. Joseph – The Three crowns the Magi – The ox and the ass humility and sacrifice – the sheep, shepherds – finally, the Star of Bethlehem.

Right of the Cross – The Sermon on the Mount: Jesus, holding a Child, preaching to the people assembled, and the understood by both young and old. The eight crosses are symbolic of the eight beatitudes.

The Resurrection: Depicted by the resurrected Christ holding the staff of victory with His right hand raised in blessing.

The lower section, on either side, is the Alpha and Omega, symbolizing “I am the 1st & I am the Last.” “I am the First and I am the Last, and besides me there is no God”. (Isaiah 44-6)

The general blue concept of this window has an ethereal and technical quality, which gives the Church a spirit of rest and a change from the factual life

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